Time is Needed to Regain Your Instinct After a Traumatic Event

Your intuition is a powerful tool and your compass in life. That voice inside your head gives you sound advice. However, many times we hear it but don’t listen to it. After the fact, we then admit our hesitation, our concerns, and become angry with ourselves for not respecting our intuitions. Psychologists suggest that the unconscious mind dictates decision-making more than we think. Even when you attempt to base your decisions on some form of logic, your subconscious mind will nudge you ever so slightly with extra information.  

We develop our intuition from our experience. Therefore, when we are in the area of our expertise, our internal voice will ring loudly. The areas that we have spent countless hours working, studying, and preparing are more suitable for our intuitiveness. A doctor or nurse routinely and instinctively know when something is wrong before the lab results come back. They have vast experience combined with wisdom and instincts; which cuts down on their potential for mistakes. A chess player relies on expertise when looking at the board. But when they leave the match, their inner voice and abilities can be less polished. Understanding when and where to use instincts is a golden rule.  

Intuition will develop from experience, your gut will learn to spot trends and patterns, but positive trends and patterns must exist. And after a traumatic event, time is necessary to recapture your gut instinct.

So next time your gut is screaming at you to do or not do something, take a moment to check-in and ask yourself; Is this an area where patterns exist? Do you have long experience of the subject? If you can adequately answer both questions, then, by all means, trust your intuition.  

By Brian Nadon

Vatic Foundation


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