Rise Above!

I’ve come to realize, each day is an opportunity to break out of your box by liberating the mind and spirit to explore the outer depths of who you are.

When we step outside our comfort zone, we join the world of ’disruptors’ seeking to live a bigger, more outrageous, and courageous life filled with impact and meaning. Never be afraid to venture into the unknown. Innovation requires failure.

Failing propels discovery while awakening our inner soldier towards greatness.” – Brian Nadon

Our days become the battle between darkness and seeking illumination. If you want to live as the creator of your life, start by letting go of behaviours that promote a passive and fixed mindset.

Rise above your opinions, expectations, judgments, and conflicts by releasing yourself from their divisive grip. Each passing moment we can go beyond our limitations while reaching new milestones. Understand, simplicity is often the path towards abundance, and patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you are waiting.

On your pilgrimage of self-discovery, you must learn to enjoy your own company; and to cultivate opportunities to be with yourself without feeling alone. Never forget you have the remote control to your life.

Look carefully. It does give you the option to pause. Pause when you are tired. Pause when you are feeling drained, overstretched, and stressed. Finding moments to pause can determine the quality of your life.

Life is too short to waste precious time staying stuck in being defeated. Love everything that happens to you and trust that it is for the best to learn from it and to be better for it.

When you display the goodness of heart and mind, the soul will always speak! Be unique, be you.

-Brian Nadon




  1. No. Happiness is a birthright stolen from us at birth. You don’t have to earn what you already had. Life is not a competition, it’s just life. We all have the power to be well and live well.


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