Live The Truth

Time and time again, we hear teachers, leaders, family members, and life coaches telling us, ’To say what is right, to do what is right, to be comfortable swimming upstream or rejecting the choices of the masses.

What usually goes without saying alongside these inspiring calls are, ”If you see fraud, say fraud” or “If it’s not right do not do it, if it’s not true do not say it”. While history admires whistleblowers and men and women of principles, their contemporaries often have the opposite reaction. Because speaking the truth and standing up for what’s right is an implicit rebuke of the status quo. It challenges people’s identities. It indicts them for not doing the same.

This is important to know and to constantly remind oneself it’s not going to be easy. People are not going to throw you a parade. They’re much more likely to offer criticism or insults.

But you have to do what you think is right, and, as I often say, ”Treat the rest like it doesn’t matter.” Who cares if they stop following your social media posts? Who cares if they create scare tactics? Or try to take away your friends? Or leave nasty comments? Or try to bully you?

Because the truth is that none of these things matter. Or at least, they don’t matter more than your duty.

Continue to be you, be unique, and create change.

By Brian Nadon


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