Be Gratuitous, Show Gratitude – Continue Smiling

I have learned to be thankful for my battles, setbacks, trauma, trials, and tribulations in life because, without these experiences, I would not have awakened and activated all the motivation and possibilities that lie within me. We must never forget there are unseen forces ready to support our dreams. Nothing is more vital than the vision and path you set for yourself. But understand vision does not matter if you do not dare to pursue your vision without gratitude, courage and consistency.

Ask yourself, who are the people that make your life happier and more fulfilled? Let them know how much they mean to you. Make sure you get enough one on one and quality time with the key people and positive difference makers in your life. Today, you have the gift of life. No matter our longevity, life is finite. So never miss the opportunity to show gratitude to those you love, admire, and appreciate.

Understand some people live in magnificent homes but are miserable living in them. Abstain from comparing your life to others and allowing your mind to be hijacked by the worst-case scenarios. Fill your state of consciousness with peace, love, positivity, joy, gratitude, and abundance. When we look beyond the surface, we will begin to realize that all our needs are met. We lack absolutely nothing!

Gratefully, celebrate life. This moment is the most sacred present you will ever receive because, without life, the desires and dreams that fuel our existence cannot manifest into fruition. Disconnect and enjoy a gratitude walk while applauding the small wins. Be grateful for all the good and love that permeates your living. Even in the darkest days.

Realize every day of your life is a unique occasion. Each of us is accountable for our smile and attitude. May you cultivate a mindset that is entitled to nothing and thankful for everything. Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, and thrive while creating moments to live, love, and laugh! 

Smile, be unique, be you.

By Brian Nadon


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