Don’t Be a Fool – Live Today

There are plenty of ways to recognize a foolish individual. They say idiotic things. They generate unforced errors. They arouse the equivalent unforced errors persistently. And you tend to recognize a fool when you see one.

Equitably, everything foolish you hear coming from someone else or out of your own mouth are the words: “Someday, I’ll…” “When I’m older I hope to…” “I’m not ready right now but…” “If I ever finish this, then I’ll…”

What makes you think you have that luxury? What makes you think you’ll have the time?

Forget about issues of self-worth and status and dues-paying for a moment. From a practical perspective, you can’t get ready for something that’s already here. And that’s what life is.

It’s right now.

Right this second!

Don’t be a fool. Live today. Be the best you can be now.

And be unique!

By Brian Nadon



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