Reinventing Yourself Today

A large part of our lives can be determined by other people’s expectations, opinions, and validation. Our system is strategically structured to take our lives away from us. Technology has become an unbelievable vehicle to do just that without a person ever realizing that their life is being undermined and controlled. You either control your life, or something exterior of you controls your life.

Being the best version of yourself starts with taking your life back. When you take your life back, you are the scorekeeper of your journey. You begin to manage your time, energy, and your environment more earnestly and wisely. When you take your life back, you become the artist of your canvas, the CEO of your life, and the author of your story. Life is no longer about winning and losing, right and wrong, yes and no. It becomes about self-control and the awakened pursuit towards cultivating the self-discovery experiences you envision filled with intent, harmony, and purpose. When you take your life back, you sharpen your mental clarity to elevate your performance while managing the voices, choices, attitudes, and behaviors in your life.

As you read these declarations, understand there is no finish line in taking your life back. The process is not merely a destination, but a transformative journey of surrendering and committing to a life of personal freedom, growth, truth, self-love, discovery, and acceptance.

• Getting lost is how we find our way.

• Before you go to bed at night, find something to look forward to the next day.

• Each day is an opportunity to learn. Be a student every day.

• The talk will not walk. Saying it is not the same as doing it.

• Surround yourself with fantastic teachers, listeners, and truth-tellers.

• Seek to make tomorrow’s promise today’s reality.

• Strive to do good things, expecting nothing in return.

• Be careful not to take one person’s opinion and turn it into the universal truth.

There will never be a perfect time to begin taking your life back. So start where you are, at this moment deconstructing your ecosystem to rebuild a healthier and more vibrant physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual world to live and prosper in!

I love you, we all love you, and today/tomorrow I’m here for you.

By Brian Nadon


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