Take Life in Stride

Some people will love you, and some people will hate you. One day, the crowd will cheer and worship you, and other days they’ll hit you with hockey sticks and hate everything about you.

Sometimes you get a lucky break – get additional recognition and notoriety than you deserve. Other times you’ll get held to an idiotically unrealistic standard. People will build you up and then tear you down and act like it was your mistake you ended up there in the first place. They’ll criticize you in public and behind closed doors tell you it was all for show.

There will be exceptional years and unpleasant years. Times when the cards come our way – times when the dice keep coming up blank. That’s how it goes – that’s life.

The key is to consent to it all. Acknowledge the positive without arrogance. Let the negative go with indifference. Take everything in stride, whether it’s undeserved acknowledgement or slobbering recognition. Let none of it affect you, and take none of it personally.

Keep moving forward and being unique.

-Brian Nadon



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