Be Unique

Don’t judge, don’t get old, live gracefully.

Cool young androgynous dj woman

We have heard the saying, “think outside the box.” But my central question is this: Why does there have to be a box? Boxes have four walls, and at some point, they fill up. With four walls, it limits our movement. So, why do we have to operate from a boxed mindset? The first thing intelligence tells me is if I’m in a box, it hinders my ability to reach for my outer limits as a human being.

So if we allow people to keep us in boxes, how will we ever reach our outer limits? How will we ever be able to answer the question: Who am I? If we never get a chance to explore our outer limits, how do we know who we are, why we are on Earth, and what we are capable of being? 

When I was a student at University of British Columbia and a member of the Thunderbirds men’s rugby team, I remember our coach saying to us, “The first sign of intelligence is to admit that you don’t know something.” That statement left an invaluable mark on my life.

I have been on a self-discovery journey since to find out what I don’t know, but I need to know so that I can have relevance with the remaining years I have left. Each day, I invest time and energy to take the fences down around me. As long as people and society can build fences around us, they can keep us where they want, and they want us to be average. I don’t ever want to be merely average. I want to be Unique.

-Brian Nadon



  1. Complex PTSD is an invisible prison

    We are the ones who erect that box with out behavior

    Avoidance, hyper vigilance, dissociation and flash backs cause us to change behavior

    At times while triggered we go into survival mode where normal life chores get very little attention

    This is a deep hole not a box

    We isolate and try to prevent triggers firing

    Our human nature tells us to flee, but it is not a real imminent threat

    We spot danger everywhere, even mundane places with no fear

    We heal internally and then the box drops awsy


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