WE Will Forever Be Better Than ME

Changing our clothes is easy, but changing our minds is hard.

In life, the most important lessons I have learned are from people. I have learned at no time to be 100 percent certain you are right. On our self-discovery journey, we must practice the art of learning, unlearning, relearning, and persevering. Wisdom, unlike bread, does not go stale. Learning fuels the curiosity of the unknown.

Group of friends enjoying summer vacation. Summer, holidays, vacation and happiness conceptWe have to discipline our actions to enrich our days while not allowing today’s burdens to consume the light that lives within. We are all teachers. Each day begins with a hefty bag of teachable moments. If we do not come across anything new during the day, it has not been much of a day. We must join together by celebrating more and more of the little things in life. We, by no means, need to know a person to help them. WE will forever be better than ME.

These confusing COVID times provide substantial opportunities for growth. Experiences like these can ultimately strengthen who we are and what we stand for. Understand when we become paralyzed by fear, it bleeds into all aspects of our life. Self-confidence allows us to move past fear and keeps us from being crippled by doubt. None of us knows what the future holds. But we can do something today to cultivate a better tomorrow: your life matters, and your ambitions matter. Let us use this time to begin distinguishing between what the world expects of us and what we expect of ourselves.

Be you, be unique, and smile.

By Brian Nadon



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