The Myth of the Ego

young freedom woman enjoy ocean sunset on mountain peakOne of the challenges on our self-discovery journey is the ego.

We must not allow out-of-date beliefs and the darkness of yesterday to obscure the footprints of tomorrow. Each day is an opportunity to move ahead in truth. The following two, “I Am” statements, prevent us from transforming our thoughts and cultivating our lives.

“I Am,” What I Do.

It is simple to fall into the con of attaching our value to the roles we clutch, particularly when circumnavigating a culture that worships titles and statuses. When we try to follow the crowd, we place ourselves into a mental prison. This act, in the end, discredits our intelligence, beauty, and uniqueness. Each day, we must overpower the anxiety of being who we are. We are more than our titles, and the characterizations society tries to put on our life. Understand our genuine identities can never be condensed onto our resumes or endorsed by the number of followers we have on Facebook.

“I Am,” What Others Think of Me.

young freedom woman enjoy ocean sunset on mountain peak.

There is power in patience; yet, we exist in a society of immediate satisfaction. We can look for meaning, praise, and purpose within the judgements of others, even if it is contradictory to our truth, ethics, and what is right and wrong. Becoming obsessive and preoccupied with our standing in society takes our intelligence, body, and spirit out of affiliation. The renowned Wayne W. Dyer brought a beautiful perspective to this constant internal battle by saying, “Your reputation is in the hands of others. That’s what the reputation is. You can’t control that. The only thing you can control is your character.”

As life continually changes, so should our minds, beliefs, and behaviours. Our ego is continuously haunting in the shadows, lingering to decimate and unstitch everything we worked to build. May the motivating force behind what we do, say and think at present be leveraged not by an unhinged ego of fear, hate, and negativity but by an unwavering faith of hope, love, and optimism.

Each day offers the opportunity to be unique.

-Brian Nadon



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