Remembrance Day 24 Hour Charity Ride

The Vatic Foundations Remembrance Day 24 Hour PTSD Awareness Charity Ride

  • Goal: $5,000.00
  • Time: 24 hours
  • Distance: 330 km’s
  • When: November 11th, 2020
  • Where: Vancouver to Nanaimo to Victoria to Vancouver

Long before “social distancing” was a part of our daily vocabulary, those facing PTSD knew precisely what it meant.  So many people living with PTSD have felt isolated from friends, families and communities. The Vatic Foundation has been a lifeline for people living with PTSD to return to their community, get support, connect and learn – something that is vital in each of their quests to live the best life possible.

During this uncertain time, we have embraced the challenge of supporting our community in whatever way necessary to ensure that those living with PTSD do not feel alone. The money raised from this fundraiser will help us continue to support our essential work in our community by providing educational grants. Our support groups, educational seminars, and support counselling services reach those with PTSD and their families so they can get the help they need now.

Thank you again for your support, and please Donate Today!

Brian Nadon

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