Avoid Looking For The End of The Road—You Can’t See That Far

Each day is a battle between limited thinking and abundance thinking. We must be fearless to innovate and seek what’s next and new. Strive for excellence, remove the ego, and become our best possible selves, as we all have room to improve. To experience personal growth, we must recognize and acknowledge our mistakes while continually reinventing ourselves.

While success is more desirable than failure, the most powerful lessons are often found in failure and obstacles. We can learn as much from identifying what does not work as we can from spotting what does. At times, it is more important to consider why we fail in life rather than why we succeed. Make failure an opportunity for learning rather than blame.

Avoid looking for the end of the road—you can’t see that far. But you can focus on the next step in your life. Know that if you take the next step forward, sooner or later, you get to a path of self-discovery. Each day you can make your life an incredible story of love, courage, and pursuance while never overlooking the power of telling stories. Storytelling is significantly important because it provides a voice for the voiceless and light to untold narratives.

As friends and positive community members, we must equip ourselves to understand social nuances and people’s behaviours. When we align with who we are, we cannot help but uplift those we come in contact with. Our value to those around us hinges on our ability to communicate and comprehend stories.

Never stop believing, asking the question ‘Why?’ and living free.

Be you be unique and smile.

—Brian Nadon

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