It’s a Wonderful Insistent Life

The greatest gift you will open today is your mind—you can achieve all your aspirations with the right mindset.

In November of 1939, author Philip Van Doren Stern spent each day in front of his typewriter, working on a short story outline. The story came about from a dream Stern had one night. For the next four years, Stern wrote every day, striving to craft the ideal short story. Once Stern perfected his 4,000-word manuscript titled The Greatest Gift, it was presented to publishers. Unable to obtain any interest in his work, Stern decided to print two hundred copies and send them as Christmas gifts to all his friends. By some miracle, Charles Koerner, head of RKO pictures, read Stern’s short story and saw its potential. Koerner then had film director Frank Capra read the story. Capra’s production company purchased the rights to Stern’s short story for $10,000. Many writers joined to help polish the story, and before long, it was retitled and produced for the silver screen as It’s a Wonderful Life.

As we all know, It’s a Wonderful Life has become a cinema classic. As we celebrate Christmas today, the movie will be playing on various networks. As we open gifts and spend time with loved ones, may Stern’s grit motivate us to keep pursuing our dreams and nurturing our growth mindset. The best present you will open today is your mind—you can achieve all your ambitions with the right mindset.

Enjoy the family, the friends, the love, and the joy of Christmas day. Tomorrow we should all remind ourselves about Philip Van Doren Stern four year journey to his published work. He struggled, he overcame, and he never gave up. The virtue of persistence might be the greatest gift ever. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

We appreciate you for being part of the Vatic family!

Never stop believing, asking the question ‘Why?’ and living free. Be you be unique and smile.

—Brian Nadon

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