Letter to Myself

Letter to Myself,

No words will capture the feelings and emotions that I’ve faced this year, and that’s okay. It’s all right not to understand what’s occurred these last 12 months fully. It’s okay to have further questions than answers. Occasionally knowledge and enlightenment lie in stillness, silence, and mystery.

2020 was about moments — split moments. What we do with them in 2021 will design our future. This past year taught us how precious and fleeting life could be. Our breath can be here one day and gone the next. COVID-19 taught us we’re all vulnerable while families confronted mortality through separation. Although we will continue to traverse uncharted waters in 2021, we will still encounter peace, beauty, and calmness deep within the tide. Your life, your voice and your story have a purpose. It’s all right not to have uncovered it today. But don’t give up, don’t ever stop exploring.

Bear in mind; life doesn’t always happen to us — sometimes it happens for us. 2020 has stunned us to the depths of who we are. Despite the fact, we won’t have all the reasons and solutions by next week, life is a marathon that permits us to heal, to learn, to discover, to love, and to rise-up.

In life, when we explore the dark tunnels, we’re presented with a unique opportunity to re-emerge into the light with clemency and empathy — having matured and grown into something far more empathetic and authentic.

You might not recognize it today, but I am proud of you for getting through this moment in time.

With all my love,


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