Leadership Starts With You

“I’m not interested in whether I’m better than you; only whether I’m better than yesterday.”Mike Ormsby

Each day we’re offered a blank canvas of unparalleled opportunity to discover the uttermost depths of ourselves as we labour to become 1% more valuable in each aspect of our life. All of us have a duty to progress every single day of our lives. In no way should a day pass where we have not individually performed one goal to develop into someone progressively better than yesterday. The path towards individual growth and directing oneself is a woke endurance race of self-discovery.

If we nestle into our comfort zones, our ability to learn will, at no time, transpire. However, as we brave beyond our comfort zone, we offer ourselves the capacity to grow, learn/unlearn and tackle our fears. Anything we fear, we must ultimately confront if we want to progress. We never have to be great to start, but we have to start to be great. Leadership inevitably begins with accepting responsibility for our individual lives before anything else while appreciating where we are on our unparalleled journey. Unfortunately, what typically halts us from becoming more courageous while ensuing our endeavours is our anxiety of other individuals’ affirmation and validation.

Guiding ourselves will continually demand us to suppress the external rambling and internal insecurities. Leading oneself develops a means of connecting our hearts, minds, and wishes to new levels of understanding. We should by no means be frightened to elevate the dogmas of what is customary in our lives and give up the practices, habits, and beliefs that no longer serve us. In those moments when we pledge to journey into the unknown with an open mind, we allow our authenticity and purpose for living to be liberated. If we work towards constantly being “normal,” we will in no way learn how remarkable we are and genuinely can be.

Never stop believing, asking the question ‘Why?’ and being unique.

—Brian Nadon


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