Personal Growth

Each day we have the choice of welcoming change or resisting change. Over the past week, I have learned that we can make significant changes in our life with minor changes in our thinking and behaviour. A meaningful life lesson learned is that we can be honest with others by being authentic to ourselves.

I am fortunate to live the life I have led and develop a genuine sense of inner liberation. We can spend our entire lives seeking someone else’s validation. I am learning that the only validation that matters is the validation, self-compassion, and acceptance of ourselves. When we look in the mirror every day, do we like the person we see? That’s what truly matters. I feel we would all be better off if we accepted ourselves for who we are instead of some illusion of what we think people want us to be. Fostering our relationship with ourselves empowers us to cultivate healthy and thriving partnerships with others.

No matter our longevity, our life becomes a story made up of events, moments, situations, and emotions. While the past is an enjoyable place to visit, it’s not the most amazing place to live. Nothing new ever happens in the past. We can only create our destiny and a new narrative in the present. With humility and an open mind, it’s always possible to learn more and let go of mindsets and patterns that no longer serve us. Today is all I (we) have. As we venture forward with enthusiasm, hope and faith, understand there will always be a price we have to pay directly or indirectly as we grow.

Never stop believing, asking the question ‘Why?’ and being unique.

—Brian Nadon

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