Servant Leadership

What We Don’t Know

Rubber ducks in leadership concept, small yellow duckling leading forward the rest of the group.

Each day we are offered the unique opportunity to listen and learn. Everyone has a story waiting to be told. We can begin to narrow the gap between what is known and what needs to be known through active and intent listening. As positive difference-makers and team leaders, it is essential to understand what we don’t know. Encouragement becomes the cornerstone of great leadership teams. Being aligned in thought can positively impact your culture, performance, deeds and actions. Nothing ensures insolvency more than a lack of alignment in leadership and within an organization.

The undeniable use of time and talent speaks volumes about what we truly value. Life-long learners never stop yearning to discover new ideas, unlearn, and relearn to discover ways to become better. Life can behoove a testing ground of self-exploration if we take the time to develop and nurture our curiosity daily. Curiosity heightens not just the informative but transformative.

When wisdom is converted into knowledge, it becomes our edification that guides our thinking, attitude, and overall mindset. Today let us focus on what’s in our control and our transformation. When we begin to hunt for answers and change from within, we can reinvent, harvest, and reinvigorate our skills with passion while constructing our path of truth-seeking, learning, and striving forward.

Never stop being unique, learning, unlearning, relearning, and asking the question ‘Why?’

—Brian Nadon


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