Happy 80th Birthday Doctor Ross Guthrie!

Yes, I mean doctor, which I will explain after the video.

Alvin Toffler once said, “never stop learning, unlearning, and re-learning.” 80 is a significant turning point, much as 40, 20, and the day of birth because it tells us we are living. Alvin Toffler’s quote is why today I’m referring to you as Dr. Ross Guthrie.

I like to imagine Ross; you taught me at a young age, life isn’t trouble-free; life is an uphill struggle. And Ross, you imparted within me constructs which I will never forget.

  • Always take a bathroom break before a road trip,
  • Don’t give up; keep pushing,
  • Take an extra base only when you have 110% dedication to succeed,
  • The buffet allows you to eat as much as you want,
  • but more importantly, don’t be a bully; be a friend.

Now, what have I learned?

  • What have I learned? Always take a pee before a road trip,
  • What am I still learning? Success requires a 110%,
  • What am I re-learning? With highs, there are lows, so never give up,
  • What have I unlearned? A Buffet may demand you to eat an abundance of food, but it doesn’t mean you should.
  • And the guidance which stands out predominantly is don’t be a bully, be a friend!

The enlightenment of these lessons/knowledge is something I will continue to remember until my 80th birthday. Then I might go back to being a bully! 😉

I’m calling you Dr. Guthrie today because while soliciting my doctor to describe in one word what he acknowledges to be the eminence to living a prosperous life. He stated, “HUMILITY: People should be treated the same way no matter if they are rich or poor, we are all the same. We all learn, hurt, and grow. And as a doctor humility is the concretement to development. And, I’m still learning.” Ross, this is how you nurtured me to contend with my childhood, and why you’re my doctor. You instilled the practice to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

So, what additional knowledge have I gained from you? Well. Mr. Guthrie, not having enough time is a fabrication and a delusion because you individually demonstrated to all us young boys; With commitment, you can work all week travelling the country, disembark a plane, and while still in your suit, coach our baseball practices simultaneously raising a phenomenal family.

I believe Ross, at 80, you have genuinely lived your life understanding the significance of learning, unlearning, and re-learning. Also, I think it’s an accurate statement to say you did this while living an extremely overpowering life.

Well, don’t get your hopes up yet, Ross, as I’m not finished, and again I’m starting with another quote, which I am deeply, unsympathetically sorry for sharing! Maybe.

David Brooks, a man I admire (but not as much as you, of course 😉), says, “live your life as if it is your obituary, not as if it is your résumé.” I postulate and imagine I mention this quote today because, at 80 years of maturity (or, as Jeannie may have preferred, the noun imaturity), this quote reminds me of your qualities, merits, and virtues.

Some of which stand out and precede you, Mr. Guthrie; Are:

  • Loving,
  • loyal,
  • self-assured,
  • confident,
  • consistent,
  • inspiring,
  • reliable,
  • trustworthy,
  • faithful,
  • friendly,
  • honest,
  • trusting,
  • and an unwaveringly dedicated man to your family.

If there’s a drawing power I can take and learn from you, Ross, notwithstanding our time spent together, is to embrace each of your distinct virtues. In my opinion, you have awarded this world with something beyond any other father. You married a loving, caring, and compassionate wife (my second Mom). You have raised a daughter with an honest, moral, and truthful heart and a son who compels me to understand friendship. Trevor is a friend I learn from and a friend whom somedays I want to punch, but to a greater extent, a friend I love.

Meeting you, Mr. Guthrie, back in 1980 altered my world, my life. Connecting with you improved my world not only for the restorative improvements but also for something that will affect me moving forward. To become just like Mr. Guthrie with an impactful legacy, developing into a Dr. Guthrie. A man with the heart of hearts, and to turn out to be the Ross with friends and family within our community, our world that loves you today, every day, and more importantly, today on your 80th birthday.

Mr. Guthrie, Ross, I have no gifts, nothing to offer you today as I’m a lonely man who writes a blog and runs a foundation. But what I do have as a gift is a thank you. This is not a thank you for your contribution to my life. It’s your 80th birthday “Legacy Thank You” for your children, your grandchildren, and for the imparted characteristics you have imperilled within each of them.

Today at 80, you should be a proud man; knowing the self-effacing possession of being a positive father has encouraged outsiders, people like myself, to pay tribute to the gifts you’ve offered every single one of us.

So, thank you, Mr. Guthrie, thank you for the absence of gifts I presented you today, but for the aide-mémoire of your impact on my own and everyone’s life while reaching 80. You mean the world to me – to us all, your family means the world to me, and I send you my love Ross today, unendingly with joie de vivre, vigour, lightheartedness, and fierté et joie.

As Oscar Wild once said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.!”


PS. When the time comes, I’d welcome an invitation to your home for a legendary “Ross Burger!” 🤗🍔

With warm loving regards,

Brian da Nadon


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