brian nadon

Life is Growth – You Grow, Or You Die

Countless decisions are founded on either growth or fear. Repeatedly, the obstacles we confront in life are self-imposed. Our thoughts are so overwhelming that they can incapacitate or invigorate us at any given moment. The voices within, inside our minds, eventually form how we function and what we see, think, act, and feel. When we manage our conviction and our inner critic, we liberate ourselves with the power of grace to immerse ourselves in the present.

If you did an energy audit of your life from the last year, where was most of it going? Was it into material acquisitions and things that won’t truly matter, or was your time going into taking care of your mind, well-being and the other activities that will ultimately become your legacy? Think.

We have more power than we believe in controlling our thoughts and where we invest our time and energy. We must not trust everything we think. When we alter our thoughts and take ownership of our mental narrative, we don’t just change. We transform and evolve.

What stands in the way becomes the way.

As we focus on advocating change in our lives and those of others, it is vital that we never stop holistically improving. As Nike founder Phil Knight once said, “Life is growth. You grow, or you die.

The transcendent servant leaders leave their path in good condition so others can follow and eventually take the baton. These positive difference-makers thrust beyond their comfort levels into their growth zone while encouraging those they lead to do more than they ever thought was possible. There is immense beauty and power in the potential of the human spirit. Each of us has the faculty to cultivate that potential in ourselves, while shaping it in the lives of others.

Understand, today is a good day to have a good day. When hunting for answers, signs and breakthroughs, we must first look inward. Right now, we have the unimaginable opportunity to venture outside the boxes of our comfort. May should use our time and energy wisely to discover or rediscover the person beneath the surface. Do not aim to be common and average. Strive to be uncommon and phenomenally you.

It is and always will be more than enough!

Never stop believing, asking the question of why, and being unique.

—Brian Nadon

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