This is for my Jane! Look after yourself and I hope the surgery went well.

When is the last time you learned an entirely new concept in order to be closer to someone else?

Each person in the relationship has a significant obstacle to overcome, yet the both handle themselves with grace. In Tarzan stories, Jane knows nothing of dealing with apes and not wearing petticoats, yet you never see her complain. She shows compassion to the baby gorillas and intently tries to understand their own customs. As with Tarzan, he just wants to figure Jane out. And who wouldn’t want a pretty British girl with a charming accent and adorable father in tow?

We’ve stopped trying to figure each other out and have opted out of conversations, trading in listening intently for halfheartedly texting. On any given day, I might not even answer a text message if I feel like the tone is a little off, or I don’t really care to understand what the person could have meant. But, if I was in a jungle with a man raised by gorillas, you best bet that I’d be reading his body language, figuring out exactly which berry he’s deemed “poisonous” and ” not poisonous.”

On a serious note, there’s something to be said for trying out someone else’s routine. Step into someone else’s life to see how they live it. Guarantee you’ll come out of it closer than before.

Thank you Jane for your donation and support! I’m nowhere even close to being Tarzan but knowing you’re out there following Ginger and Brian makes us smile.

By Brian Nadon