Words of Wisdom From My Inner Child

When I enter into a “I’m a failure” or “I hate myself” funk, it’s easy to recede into a cocoon. Not talk to anyone. Not reach out. Not work on my goals. Not get anything done. Not be in contact with humanity. And disappear into a hole!

But is this just my way of recharging? I don’t know.

Look Brian, it’s important to have down times to take stock. However, we shouldn’t do this for too long.

Firstly, the world needs all of us for our talents. We may not realize it, but when we recede into our hole, we deprive the universe of something that only you and I can give.

Secondly, as humans, we don’t exist as lone units. We are all part of this world. When we cut ourselves from others, it may feel “safe,” even relieving at first. However, over time, it’ll only eat us on the inside as we deprive ourselves of our real energy sources – human contact, our personal growth, and the ability to affect the world with our talents.

Just like a plant will wither and die when cut off of its nutrient source, a person can’t thrive when deprived of the very fundamentals of a meaningful, spiritually fulfilling existence.

So Brian, together let’s step into the light. Get out there and meet people. Embrace our goals; take bold actions toward them. Only you can create your future and you do that with the actions you take today (not with the actions or non-actions from yesterday).

Last but not least Brian, remember: you are not a failure. You are a winner. Have been and will continue to be, as long as you never stop believing in you and never give up. Never forget that. 

And remember that I love you and will always support you in everything you do. I just thought you needed to hear that.

Thank you inner child because I did need to hear that.

By Brian Nadon