Our Lives Are About Self-Improvement

Hipster woman portrait with phone and bikeOne of the things that separate us from other people – indeed that has been responsible for our success – is our ability to be strict and self-disciplined. Where other people are fine making excuses or taking shortcuts, we are not. Where other people wing it or do what’s easiest, taking the path of least resistance, we don’t. That’s really the essence of life and why those of us who have committed to doing the hard work have been able to get so much out of it.


But it can be a problem when people like us come into positions of leadership or become fathers and mothers. Suddenly it’s not just our own behaviour we’re regulating, we’re now responsible for other people as well. It’s tempting to try to hold them to the very same standards we hold ourselves to, but this is not only unfair (they didn’t sign up for that), it’s often counterproductive. It burns people out, and it sets you up for disappointment. Or worse, disillusionment.


Your standards are for you. This life is about your self-improvement. It’s about being strict with yourself and forgiving of other people. That’s not only the kind way to be, but it’s also the only effective way to be. It’s the only defence to being constantly upset and let down.

By Brian Nadon




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