Visiting Specialized Bikes Corporate Office

South of San Francisco, in the heart of cycling country, you’ll find Morgan Hill and the home of Specialized Bicycle Components. The Specialized headquarters houses three buildings and 400 plus employees, plus this cool guy – Mike Sinyard, founder and chairman of Specialized Bicycle Components.

Mike Sinyard and Brian Nadon with Ginger-Bella

I have to say, arriving at Specialized and being welcomed by team members from various departments with a bottle of water was sheer heaven. And as a cyclist, water is the perfect gift.

On Tuesday, Ginger-Bella and I began our VIP Tour learning the history, future, and current initiatives for Specialized Bikes. This was after spending an hour chatting with Mark Cote – Head of Global Marketing and Innovation. Seriously, how much more special can you make one guy and a dog feel?

Mark and Brian Nadon-1
Mark Cote and Brian Nadon

Well, after speaking with Mark Cote, attempting to sound knowledgable, and soaking in the positive company culture, the tour began. Mark started the tour through the museum, sent us to view the concept bikes, to meet key department heads, to share stories with staff, learn fun facts, and then get a few minor adjustments done to my S-Works Diverge. What a day!

Okay, Brian, you’re not the first guy to tour an office, meet the brass and made to feel important. So offer us something to think about before purchasing a Specialized Bike or while riding our Specialized bike.

Passion! The one attribute you can’t fake.

Brian Nadon Specialized Bikes


To stand out from other companies, you need employees who are enthusiastic and passionate for the organization/brand they represent. This was the first emotion I felt as I walked through the doors of Specialized Bikes. In life, I’ve learned passionate people are often more motivated, innovative and less stressed, which is significant when purchasing a bike that’s going to help you become “you again” and release the “inner child” within.

Nap Time Brian nadon
Just Relaxing!

When you experience an organization passionate about there work, it makes getting back on your bike to cycle 35,000 miles throughout the world that much easier!

Thank-you Team Specialized for having a vision, believing in what you do, and letting Ginger-Bella and Brian smile.

By Brian Nadon

Ria Bugnatto and Ginger-Bella
Ria Bugnatto and Ginger-Bella

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