4,000 Miles – 3,000 Left Across America

Paws Across America

Update: I’m feeling sick and tired, bewildered, and on the edge of giving up. But thankfully, I’m not alone, as many of us think the same way in our daily lives.

I’ve been lucky over the past year because the road has provided the encounters needed to offer our community awareness to trauma, but cycling has provided answers to continue to help others.

At present, I’m 80 days into the Paws Across America Tour! Ginger and I have completed 4,000 miles / 6,500 km’s, with another 5,000 km’s to go.

What am I most proud of after 80 days into the USA tour?! It’s in understanding the connection between cycling and trauma recovery. It is in finding why cycling provides more than a means to commute or burn carbs. For myself, its taken years of communicating with experts, talking to hundreds of survivors, and shedding more tears than one person could carry. But the connection happened.

Brian Nadon in New Mexico

I want to thank a friend at Specialized Bicycles for asking one question, “Do you feel there is a correlation between PTSD recovery and cycling?”

Before being asked this question, I imagined I had the answers, which I did, but my eyes were closed. The solution was unopposed and humble, look down at the front wheel, look up to the road, and turn to see my Ginger-Bella. I know, what an inattentive answer to a question many of us tussle with answering, and you’re right. There is more, and soon, I will be able to share my research with you.


Changes over the coming month’s will be happening with the VATIC Foundation but what won’t change is our willingness to give back to our community, give back to our friends, give back to trauma survivors, and give a voice to individuals who are looking to share their story. To share life, trauma-free.

Until next time, ride a bike, smile, and take the time to speak with a stranger.

By Brian Nadon


Please take the time to follow the friends who’ve helped our past year on the road:
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