Pain is Growth it’s Never Negative

Difficulties are meant to galvanize, not discourage. Our human spirit grows strong by conflict. To ask “why” can be the first step to bringing about change and transformation.

Realize, attempting to avoid a pain-free life is not realistic. Real holistic growth cannot flourish in zones of comfort. It is our responsibility not to become stuck in a victim “why me” mentality when adversity and obstacles become present in our lives. Life is too short to suffer from our own self-sabotaging.

On our self-discovery journey, many of us look at other people’s imperfections as a method to disguise our own. Every day is a unique opportunity to bring your energy and spirit to your work and craft – the vibrant enthusiasm that is authentically you. Let your heart be stretched out in compassion toward others, as everyone is fighting a battle you know absolutely nothing about.

Understanding our behavior is a byproduct of our environment, and conquering the mind each day is the biggest win of all.

• Don’t let the shadows of your past darken the footprints of your future. Heal, forgive, let go and move forward in truth.

• It’s times when you lift your head and smile at a stranger when that person ceases to be a stranger for a moment and becomes a friend.

• If life shuts a door, open it again. It’s a door. That’s how they work.

• Cultivate a passion for life. Guard against days when you are low on energy or lacking in a list to figure out What’s Next. Bring your attention back to the present moment and ask yourself; What’s Now?

• There are blessings every day. Discover them. Live them. Create them. And Treasure them.

• Move beyond small talk and fake dialogue towards real daily conversations. How many real conversations have you had this week?

May, the force behind what you do, say and think, be influenced by and unwavering conviction of hope and optimism rather than fear and negativity. Learn from the choices you have made while always choosing faith. Because life is not a match to be won but an ongoing beautiful human experience to be wholeheartedly enjoyed and celebrated!

Be kind, be unique, and continue moving forward.

By Brian Nadon


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