Are You Grateful Today

Throughout life, it is easy to lose perspective on the power of gratitude — as there are countless pit stops along our journey. But we can still cultivate moments to practice gratitude, even if we feel we are being tested. Celebrating our detours amid high and low moments becomes the foundation for the practice of gratitude.

What if we looked at supposed obstacles and adversity as unique opportunities to grow, to discover and to seek the truth? Each setback along our journey equips us for a comeback — as long as we do not permit ego to keep us stuck, and as long as we reorganize, there will be a newfound path of opportunities in the comeback.

So what are you grateful for today?

Is it your family, partner, pet, health, friends, life or work? Being grateful is an indebted state of mind and a daily commitment. Small or large gratitude affirmations that are enacted upon can be transformative and allow other areas within our lives to blossom and to progress onward one step at a time.

Let’s take a deep breath while being kinder to ourselves, being more considerate to others our loved ones, and being grateful to where we are today. Criticizing ourselves or blaming others for what has or has not happened takes away from appreciating the lessons, growth and discoveries along our path.

Yesterday has departed, tomorrow is yet to come. Today is our gift and most precious present. Without life and its challenges, the dreams and aspirations that fire our existence cannot manifest.

Wherever we might presently be, let’s return to the here and now. Today, we have a unique chance to be positive difference-makers while appreciating, loving, empowering, inspiring, and sharing our story — while practicing the art of thankfulness anywhere we step foot.

Today, I am grateful for the warmth of the sun’s rays, the breeze from the garden-fresh air, the breath of life I just took, the silence, and the person who smiled and greeted me with kindness.

Never stop following your path, being unique, and living free.

-Brian Nadon


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