We All Have a Mental Mansion

Home, “the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.” We are undoubtedly more acquainted with our homes now than we’ve ever been — hidden away inside of them in the past year as the COVID marathon carries on.

But the conventional description of a home is somewhat limiting. It ignores to point out the most revered space we have, the place we must be caring for today — our minds.

We construct and re-arrange our physical homes to get them just the way we want, painstakingly selecting what pieces we imagine fit and where each piece should be placed. But we ignore to do the same for our mental space. To grow, we must make every effort every day to turn into our minds’ interior decorators because, at the end of the day, our mental-space is the substance of our core. Keep in mind what we decide not to put within could be even more significant than what we do. Let’s try shifting some pieces around to attain our most treasured space, one of cultivation, inspiration, and enlightenment.

We should make sure we have a clear productive space in our minds and spend time every day in thought. It’s easy to get bogged down in the insecurity and instability of the world around us. Still, we need also to find the mental space where we nurture the seeds of wisdom, knowledge, and sensibility to become healthier and more enlightened human beings.

We all have to throw some things away. Inner suspicions, destructive conversations with ourselves, and personal baggage from the past which inhabits tons of space but does nothing to progress us forward. We need to put these negative feelings in the garbage and get them out of our households.

I acknowledge there is no picture-perfect home on our self-discovery journey, no 24-hour period where our minds function with extreme proficiency. But we may benefit from re-arranging our mental homes to make us even worthier mentors, parents, and positive difference-makers. Despite our occupation, our reputation or our individual wealth, we all have a mental mansion. From time to time, it just needs to be re-arranged.

Never stop believing, asking the question “Why?” and being unique.

— Brian Nadon

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