Live For Today

While there is an abundance of gratitude to share for each day we awake, we often get so preoccupied with yesterday and distracted about tomorrow that the beauty and bestowments of the present slip right out of our hands. In the daily hustle and bustle, finding moments to disconnect from our devices and reconnect with ourselves, our breath, family, and loved ones is one of the most sacred acts we can do.

Remember, each of us carries some fear and doubt —these emotions are natural, make us real and authentically human. Yet, the key is not to get stuck in our limitations but to press forward with tenacity, conviction, courage, love, and hope. Trust you and your brilliance and aspire not to become risk-averse just because the next step is a bit unclear in the distance. Risks are a necessary companion to opportunity. Taking risks with intention allows us to venture beyond our comfort into our growth zone of limitless possibilities.

Our dreams and how we live with the time we have must stretch beyond ourselves. Our voices are needed to cultivate the changes we wish to see and experience. We must give ourselves compassion as we discover and rediscover our voice and truth while silencing the negative self-talk!

Recognize that today we have the gift of life, and life is merely about moments — split moments. What we do with them creates our masterpiece. What we think, how we respond, and how we live are all within our control. While we have indisputably been confronted with unimaginable feats and obstacles as individuals to this point, we can still assume the prowess to rise above, learn and evolve from our experiences. We still can practice the power of loving, learning, and giving thanks. And for that, this self-discovery journey called life is always still worth showing up, sharing, and fighting for.

Never stop being unique.

—Brian Nadon


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