Back on the Road 2019

SH!T, What am I doing?

After an 8,000km tour across Canada, 4 months of rest, and the dream of cycling throughout the US, Ginger and I are on the road again!

To much of this tour is reminiscent of how my Canadian trek began in 2018. It started again feeling comfortable, thinking the world was at my feet, I can accomplish anything, only to have reality slap you in the face minutes later.

Leaving Vancouver March 31, 2019 I was feeling slightly ill only to find out I had a full blown flu. Needless to say, this first week has been rough or as Ginger would put it, Ruff!

The first kilometers of the tour really were blissful. On the cusp of a new adventure, everything appears exciting and full of possibilities. You feel light and happy, but strong and determined. You want to smile, laugh, and cry at the works. Every turn opens a new window to the adventures ahead, each hill burns the legs and reminds me of the pain ahead, but then I look back and smile because Ginger is with me. Washington state is as beautiful and picturesque as any postcard, travel show, or grandparent’s photo album would tell you. You want to visit, need to be here, and should be on your bike.

I’m beyond grateful that our tour across the USA is starting in Washington State and as we push forward cycling into Oregon the reality of the alluring nature, charming kindness, and fascinating history is helping me fight this flu. It’s keeping my mind on the positive.

Whatever happens from this moment on, sick, cold or hungry, the most important thing is that I’ve chosen to live life my way, without letting fear get in the way of my goals. And Ginger and I will push forward.

This is where I truly feel at home. On the road alone with my thoughts. Thank you Washington, you are without question – a resplendent, unforeseen contribution to my PTSD Awareness Tour.

By Brian Nadon



  1. Hi Brian, I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. I was so glad to get this, this morning to know everything is okay now! I was wondering if you were coming down with something. I will be following you. Thank you for your inspiration! Love Jane >


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