Wisdom Wednesday – Do Less Better

Washington State

Here’s the simple recipe for improvement and for happiness. 

“If you seek happiness, do less.” – Brian Nadon

But let’s clarify. Not nothing, less. Do only what’s essential. Which brings a new satisfaction, to do less, better.

My advice, follow this advice today and every day. So much of what we think we must do, so much of what we end up doing is not essential. We do it out of habit. We do it out of guilt. We do it out of laziness or we do it out of greedy ambition. And then we wonder why our performance suffers. We wonder why our heart isn’t really in it.

Of course, it isn’t. We know deep down there’s no point.

But if we could do less inessential stuff, we’d be able to better do what is essential. We’d also get a taste of that tranquility that Marcus was talking about. A double satisfaction.

By Brian Nadon





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